Are you looking for a nice place to eat a quick lunch or even a romantic place for date night?

Matt Pyles, the manager of the new Fresco Kitchen & Grill restaurant, said the atmosphere is great for any occasion. 

"We started Fresco to sort of cater towards some of the locals and the students," said Pyles. "We developed this concept that was fast enough that you could go for lunch but also nice enough to go on a date there."

Fresco Kitchen & Grill features a wide variety of foods from artisan pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, pasta and even steak. The menu currently has about 30 different items.

"We call ourselves a kitchen for a reason, so we can make what we want to make," said Pyles. "Our menu has about 27 items and we have that on purpose so we can perfect those items."

Pyles is focused on making Fresco a great dining experience in Rexburg and has high hopes for the future. 

"This is the very first one, it's a brand new concept, it was developed just for Rexburg," said Pyles. "We're very focused on Rexburg at this time but that isn't saying that if an opportunity comes our way that we wouldn't take it and to run with it. My experience is in running multiple locations...we're very open to it but our focus is making sure we have a good product now."

Pyles said the best part about managing a restaurant in a smaller town like Rexburg is the social aspect and how often people see friends or someone they know. 

"Maybe it's just a quirk of being in a small town, but my favorite part and the best part of managing is seeing my hostess greet two people and trying to get them across the restaurant to the other side is near impossible without them stopping to talk to someone," said Pyles. "Everybody that walks in knows somebody else that's there by name."

More information about Fresco Kitchen & Grill can be found on their website or Facebook page.

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