Everyone deals with some level of stress, Aime Einerson has a solution to feeling rejuvenated and more relaxed.

Integrated Counseling and Wellness offers many services for the wellness of individuals and families. One of those is yoga. Einerson is the ICW's yoga instructor who offers private, group and even some free yoga sessions. She said doing yoga can help people live in the present and not stress about the past or future. 

"I think that most people either live in the future, worrying about what we've got to do, what we're going to say, our to-do list, or what we should do; or we live in the past. 'Oh I should have, oh I wish I would have, oh dang I could have done that,' and we tend to not live in the present moment," said Einerson. "Yoga teaches us and it helps us practice living in the present moment by focusing on the breath, by focusing on sensations in the body. In that present moment living, anything is possible. If you're not worried about the future or not clinging onto the past, you've got this present moment where anything is possible."

The ICW's mission is "Get Well, Be Well, and Stay Well." Einerson said yoga is a big way for people to become stress-free and calm. She also said everyone has some level of mental health struggles they deal with. 

"Everybody has to deal with mental health. You may be clinical, you may need a therapist. You may not, you may just be dealing with kids and needing to relieve some stress, but it's all a big spectrum so we try to offer at the clinic different things," said Einerson. "It doesn't matter where you are on the spectrum, we believe that mental health is something that everyone needs to focus on." 

"Yoga can be practiced by almost everyone but yoga for mood is a little different. Yoga has been a great help to us personally and for many others but it is a complementary treatment. Meaning it is not meant to replace the clinical treatment of those who are clinically depressed, or anxious. Instead, yoga for mood is used in combination with those treatments and to help retain some of the gains those treatments have provided," said Einerson. 

A free yoga in the park event will be held June 16, 2017, at 7 pm at Smith Park. The event will feature many local yoga teachers and enthusiasts and all are welcome to participate. A Mindful Yoga Group Session will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 20-29 at the Integrated Counseling and Wellness Center. More information can be found on Facebook or the ICW's website.

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