The City of Rexburg is inviting locals and students alike to a first annual event full of food, games, and music. 

It's called "Experience Rexburg," and while both the city and the Chamber of Commerce have hosted similar events before, this year is the first the City of Rexburg, the Chamber of Commerce and BYU-Idaho have joined forces to host an unforgettable event. 

"The whole vision behind it is to take the two communities, the college, university community, the students and the local community and bring it together in one big event to have them know the history a little bit, the town, the businesses, just all of those things and bring them together for one day," Jackie Rawlins, Cultural Arts Director, and Museum Curator, told BYU-Idaho Radio. 

Rawlins says the event will be packed with free food, music, and prizes for winners of this year's "Selfie Scavenger Hunt."

"There's two of them," Rawlins said. "One of them is for the younger [festival goers,] and it's rocks...we have Rexburg rocks and basically it's going to be rocks around certain areas of town and they'll have a list and they'll take selfies with the rocks and not pick them up and take them, but take selfies with them...the other scavenger hunt is a selfie scavenger hunt too of areas in the area, they have to take pictures of themselves...and then they bring them back and show us and once they've shown us the pictures, they get put into a drawing for prizes." 

Prizes, Rawlins said, are always a great reason to participate, but anyone who embarks on the scavenger hunt will also be able to get a sense of the town they're living in. 

"It's so the people can kind of get to know the area, the history a little bit...and it really is just to get you out walking around the city," Rawlins said. 

Selfie scavenger hunts are not the only events expected to draw crowds. Rawlins also said they're hosting a chili cook-off and a free potato bar. After the food, participants can enjoy a tractor show and parade before a concert by "The Cinders" at Beehive Pavilion at Porter Park. 

The event begins at 11 AM on September 16.  A full schedule of events can be found here.

You can listen to the full interview below.