When President Trump visited the Church in Salt Lake City, he was more than impressed.

Throughout the visit, the President lauded the church for their humanitarian efforts and services around the world.

If the President was impressed with the work in chilly Utah, he should go and visit warm Florida. With rocket take-offs in the distance, he would be witnessing some of the largest efforts in the country.

The Deseret Land and Citrus hold a multitude of mixes within its fences ranging from cattle ranches to animal sanctuaries. The land for the ranch was purchased by President David O. Mckay as an investment for the church in future years as well as a way to provide food during a crisis.

A few hours south of the ranch in Fort Lauderdale, youth in the Fort Lauderdale temple district collectively worked a 24-hour shift resulting in nearly 3-thousand proxy baptisms. They called it their "Temple White Friday" and the marathon began on "Black Friday" to start off their "Light The World" initiative.

The efforts of members around the globe often go unnoticed due to their humility. Countless service men and women are unrecognized when all is said and done, along with the President of the United States when he visited church leaders in Salt Lake, we say, "we're very proud of you."