Extravadance: 'The Story Tellers' will be held at the Kirkham auditorium this semester at BYU-Idaho and students who will perform like Alexis Ziga offered his thoughts: "I would invite everyone to go just to see what we are doing in BYU-Idaho and maybe go with the mindset of maybe I am going to learn something from this or maybe just go to be entertained."

More than 30 student-dancers will be performing at Extravadance have been practicing more than 10 hours per week for the past 4 months.  All of the dancers are aware of their importance in this show given that they all have unique roles to tell the story Extravadance is trying to relate. 

"Every person has an integral role, very important role," said artistic director Gary Larsen. "Nobody is less important.  Everybody has very important tasks."

The theme for Extravadance this year The Story Tellers will focus on stories. All of the dancers will be performing in different songs to relate different stories Extravadance is trying to relate this year.

"The basis of this show is to bring many stories to life on stage, Larsen said. "Some very well-known stories and some stories that people haven't heard before."

The main purpose of this year's show is to demonstrate why stories are told and how wisdom and experience can be passed on by telling stories.

Extravadance goes from Thursday through Saturday. It starts at 7:30pm and tickets can be found at BYU-Idaho's ticket website.

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