During the BYU-Idaho Devotional on June 13, 2017, Elder Larry R. Lawrence spoke with students about spiritual gifts. His talk was titled, "Why Not Ask."

Elder Lawrence began by speaking of the different gifts we have been blessed with. One example is a gift we receive after baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Others include wisdom, patience, faith, hope, and charity. 

Elder Lawrence took to the scriptures to give multiple examples of prophets and apostles who received and demonstrated their spiritual gifts. Adam was given the "gift of prophecy," Joseph the Carpenter was given the "gift of dreams," Peter was blessed with the "gift of healing," and the Brother of Jared enjoyed the "gift of asking." He then jumped to our dispensation and spoke of modern prophets and apostles who demonstrated their spiritual gifts.

In order to receive such spiritual gifts, one must be faithful and ask the Lord. 

"The Lord's one stipulation is that we don't come seeking gifts for a 'sign' or 'to consume it upon our lusts,'" said Elder Lawrence. "We should not be seeking gifts to build ourselves up in the eyes of others, or for personal financial gain."

In an interview, Elder Lawrence said it's important to understand the difference between talents and spiritual gifts.

"Spiritual Gifts are given to us for the building of the kingdom," said Elder Lawrence. "Once we have them and we recognize that purpose for them then we'll go forward and we'll use them to help build the kingdom and do what we can to help the Church grow, and to build up His children. if there's any kind of pride involved, if we're looking at these to make ourselves look better, then there will usually be a fall and you probably haven't received a spiritual gift to do that and it will not work out in that way."

Toward the end of Elder Lawrence's address, he shared a story of a YSA member named Hannah and her struggles with her gospel doctrine teaching calling. As she prayed and asked the Lord for guidance she realized if she followed the Spirit, everything would be alright. 

"As the weeks and months went by, Hannah began to look forward to those Sundays lessons," said Elder Lawrence. "She realized that courage to 'teach in the Savior's way' is a gift that God is happy to give us if we will just ask."

Elder Lawrence finished his talk by bearing his testimony that miracles happen every day and that God loves us. 

"God is waiting to hear from you," said Elder Lawrence. "So why not ask?"   

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