When Doug Crabtree graduated from college, he likely never envisioned himself as the CEO of one of southeast Idaho's largest hospitals.

"I was fortunate enough, out of college, to get a job in healthcare, a field that I hadn't chosen," Doug Crabtree, CEO of Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center told BYU-Idaho Radio. "By circumstances, we were lucky to get a job with an HCA facility, a Hospital Corporation of America hospital in Payson Utah. I originally did not want to go into healthcare, but as luck would have it, I was able to get a job in the business office of that hospital and immediately fell in love with the profession and fell in love with healthcare."

Now, after a career of over 20 years at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC) and another 10 at other hospitals, Crabtree says he's decided to retire.

"I've had 30 years in healthcare, that's a pretty good milestone," Crabtree said. "I've got a daughter in southern California, I don't get to see her and her husband enough, so this will allow me some time to spend with them and also we just had our second grandchild who lives here in Idaho Falls, we'd like to be good grandparents."

While retirement certainly frees up time to spend with grandkids, Crabtree acknowledges he doesn't know exactly what will happen after December 31.

"I love education and have been heavily involved in the transition from...Eastern Idaho Technical College...transitioning that from a technical college to a community," Crabtree said. "I really enjoy the colleges at both Idaho State University and also at BYU-Idaho and who knows, maybe I'll find myself affiliated with working with one of those two places. I don't know what happens after December 31, but for right now I just want to cherish every day that I've got left at the hospital and cherish the memories and the great accomplishments that those in the hospital have made."

Which is what Crabtree enjoys the most, watching people who are excellent in their medical specialties excel. 

"We cure sometimes, we relieve often and we care always," Crabtree said quoting 1800's physician, Dr. Edward Trudeau, "That's what we do here at the hospital...that's who we are."

You can listen to the full interview below.