Kyoung DaBell

On April 3, 2018, Sister Kyoung DaBell, the Spori Art Gallery Curator at BYU-Idaho, gave a devotional address where she taught principles of how to find the help of God in your life. She called that help a spiritual tailwind.

DaBell grew up in South Korea where she learned about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when she was 17 years old. Two weeks after finding the Church she was baptized. A month after that, her younger sister and mother were also baptized.

“With the missionaries as my guide, I began to develop daily gospel habits of prayer and scripture study,” she said. “I began to learn and keep the commandments and was introduced to living prophets. From this, I learned to recognize the Holy Ghost and the personal revelation that God meant for me to have, and I also learned how to make course corrections in my life to keep me in line with our Heavenly Father’s plan.”

She says she later served a mission and was guided to go to Ricks College where she met her future husband.

“These experiences of mine are the kind that, only later do we realize, are the result of the Lord’s influence in our lives,” she said.

Each week before the devotional on Tuesday, students are invited to engage with the speaker and with each other on an online discussion board. The question DaBell asked on the discussion board was for students to share experiences where they were touched by a tender mercy of the Lord. In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, she explained how she felt while looking at students' responses.

“That was another comforting moment, whenever I looked into the discussion board, I read and felt the students who are recognizing, not only their challenges but the Lord’s hands in their lives,” she said. And I hope, not only through the discussion board but through this opportunity of hearing one more person’s challenges and overcoming life’s challenges with faith and recognizing our Lord’s tender mercies will give them hope and hopefully encourage them to just keep, keep up with what they're doing.”

In her talk, DaBell also shared a story about flying from Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles, California one Christmas season. During the flight, the captain told the passengers they had saved time on their 11-hour flight because they were in a tailwind. They would be to their destination 90 minutes earlier!

“The tailwind represents Our Father’s desire to bless us in all things we do—lightening our burdens, keeping us on the path and helping us get to our destination safely—whether that destination is a short-term goal or our ultimate aim of returning to our Heavenly home,” she said.

She taught that to receive this spiritual tailwind we need to establish and maintain good gospel habits like daily prayer, the study of the scriptures and living prophets’ words, living the honor code at BYU-Idaho.

“Establishing and maintaining gospel habits, and relying on the guidance of the Spirit to make course corrections, are important steps we can take, to help us access the Lord’s ‘tailwind’ that supports us on our life’s journey,” she said.

You can find the video or the transcript of her devotional talk through this link. You can listen to the devotional address below.