Tomorrow, very early in the morning Brigham Young University-Idaho's touring dance group, Dance Alliance, are leaving for their 2017 tour.

This two week tour will give students the chance to present "The Story Teller."

"In our show we tell some well-known stories and not so well-known stories. Stories are a way for us to learn from those who've come before us to learn morals and to learn lessons that we otherwise would not have learned on our own," KÅ«pono Kaneao student dancer said.

'Ono' Kaneao says the message dance alliance shares is influential.

"It changed me to see how powerful our message can be," Kaneao said. "So this year being my second time around I know what to expect a little bit more but the feeling never goes away of being excited to see how our message can change other people's lives and of going to Canada."

Dance Alliance, will be performing on tour in Michigan and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, Canada from July 19 through August 1, 2017. They practiced for more than 40 hours in the last few weeks. Their preparation is secular but also a spiritual.

"We've also been preparing for months spiritually," Kiersten Gonzales member of Dance Alliance said.  I've been trying to set better goals for myself so when that time comes I do have that confidence and spirit with me so that when I am dancing the audience can feel that."

 Dance Alliance takes pride in its ability to keep its music, costuming and choreography modest and family appropriate.  

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