When people say there is not much to do in Rexburg, Idaho, Jackie Rawlins disagrees.

Rawlins works with the City of Rexburg and helps coordinate the many activities and events that happen here. 

The month of June starts with the Teton Dam Marathon on Saturday, June 3. Individuals can sign up to run up to June 2. The Teton Dam Marathon has been around for many years with many in attendance.

Later in June, the Romance Theater will be hosting the Gatekeeper Film Festival on June, 24 at 7 pm. 

"That's actually some college students who have started their own film company," said Rawlins. "They've been making a lot of independent films and movies for the last few years."

The Rexburg Tabernacle will have an opera concert on June, 27. This concert is made up of both BYU-Idaho students and community members. 

"They take lessons during the week and have their performance at the end of June," said Rawlins.

Rawlins says the Rexburg City Council wants to fix the disconnection between the community and BYU-I students. Rawlins says it is normal to have somewhat of a divide between the two "communities" but she hopes these upcoming events help bring everyone together. 

"I think there's been a little bit of a disconnect at times and that's kind of normal. We have really busy lives. I think we have such a great opportunity to look for ways to come together and we have more in common than we don't," said Rawlins. "We don't have football anymore like we used to. We're trying to find other ways to be able to draw each other together and be able to experience different things together."

For more information about upcoming events in Rexburg visit the City of Rexburg's website or The Venues Facebook page.

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