The Great American Eclipse brings many opportunities to further our knowledge scientifically.

The National Solar Observatory is collaborating with over 60 different institutions and private citizens across America to piece together a 90-minute video of the eclipse.

Steven McNeil, a faculty member in the physics department at BYU-Idaho said the eclipse brings an opportunity like none other.

"What they are going to be looking at is some of the subtle changes that happen in the inner corona," said McNeil. "You can't study it normally. You can study the outer corona with a satellite by blocking out the sun with a disk.

McNeil is referring to The Citizen Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse Experiment. In this experiment, thousands of images of the eclipse will be compiled into a 90-minute long video.

He also said one of the biggest benefits to studying the eclipse is learning how the sun works.

"You might say who cares about how the sun works but if the sun doesn't work quite right then we are all dead," said McNeil. "The sun is an important thing to study, they actually have institutions out there studying all different aspects of the sun."

More information can be found at the National Solar Observatory's website

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