If you have haven't attended a show with BYU-Idaho's Center Stage program, there's a huge incentive for you to start now.

The Center Stage Program is offering a "buy 3 get 1 free" deal with their Fall 2017 concert lineup.

The idea is to get people to attend shows. There has been a decline in numbers in recent semesters and the Center Stage program is looking for ways to get people to come to the shows.

To Center Stage, it isn't about making money. They are trying to make the events worthwhile and enjoyable.

"We just want to expose our students and the community to good cultural music, theatre and dance," said Don Sparhawk, Center Stage Coordinator. "That's what we're most concerned about."

With the "buy 3 get 1 free" initiative, attendees are have the potential to get two tickets for free this fall semester. The cards are not transferable to another semester so they must be used before the Christmas Concert December 2.

To get a punch-card, simply ask for one at the ticket office. You will get a punch right then and there for that show.

For a full list of those who will be performing this semester at BYU-Idaho visit http://www.byui.edu/center-stage.