Carolyn Ringger, author of “Faith Unpuzzled” and “Reaching Towards Heaven” tapped into the concept of replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts when she started taking classes on self-talk. She heard how someone’s physical health improved when they changed the way they thought.  

“My inner self-talk needed to be changed from negative to positive so I can love myself, and if I love myself I can love my neighbor as myself,” Ringger said. “It really was an awakening moment in my 30s.” 

After reading many scriptures in The Book of Mormon and the Bible, she realized how important it was to watch your thoughts and to ask God questions in faith. This led her to learn and research more about the principle of faith.

During her scripture studies, she noticed she was finding answers to her questions because she was asking God for understanding. Experiences throughout her life have taught her that if she asked God a question in faith knowing she would receive an answer, eventually it would come.

Negative thoughts will try and come, she explained. People have to discern which thoughts are from the God.  

“Learn how to discern,” she said. “That’s a spiritual gift.”

She further explained that if inappropriate thoughts enter one’s mind, they need to repent.

Rinnger began to understand that repentance is a positive opportunity and when she learned to repent with a different intent knowing she was loved rather than feeling ashamed, her life changed.

“All of these beautiful concepts and gospel principles are miraculous in the way it helps us to refine ourselves,” she said.

One of Ringger’s favorite scriptures is in Mormon chapter nine in The Book of Mormon. It explains that God is a God of miracles, and if God ceases to do miracles, it is because men lack faith, but if men have faith and believe in Jesus Christ, they can receive the miracle they desire if it is God’s will.

She has written 10 steps of faith, they are:

  1. Write out your desire, problem or challenge.
  2. Ponder how you would solve that challenge. Ask for further light and knowledge from God. Listen to the still small voice. Then make a choice. (Ether 3:2)
  3. Ask “is this desire for my good?” Confirm it by the Spirit (D&C 46:7-9, 23,30)
  4. Correct your choice until you receive a confirmation from the Spirit that it is correct.
  5. Because you ask in the Spirit your desire will align with God’s will for you. “Wherefore it is done even as he asketh.” (D&C 46:30)
  6. Ask for your confirmed desire and doubt not, delete any doubts and stay focused. (Mormon 9:18-21, Alma 56: 47-48, 57:26, Moroni 7:25, D&C 67: 1-3)
  7. Weary the Lord until He blesses you with your confirmed desire. Keep your mind and heart focused on the Lord, and allow Him to guide you step by step (Luke 18:1-8)
  8. Receive your confirmed desire, embrace the miracle! (Mormon 9:21)
  9. Feel joy!
  10. Give thanks!

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