The BYU-Idaho Symphony Band under the direction of Director Diane Soelberg had the great privilege of traveling to the capital of Mexico that lasted two weeks. The concert tour was called Around the World in Mexico.

Many people who attended the concert down in Mexico had a unique experience because it's not likely that people go to a symphony concert down there, but the reactions were great.

"They were just so receptive, I think my band students felt like rock stars, I felt like a rock star," said Soelberg. "It was great, they asked for autographs and pictures."

The concerts were not only geared towards the members of the Church but to the general public as well.

 "A lot of non-members came, some of them were kind of driven by the mission presidents and the missionaries as well," said Soelberg.

It was a very fun and unique experience that Soelberg and the 42 students had in Mexico. It was a service that they provided to the public to bring happiness and the spirit through music in a creative way. 

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