A group of BYU-Idaho students have launched a campaign to clean up the party scene.

"[It] started way back when we were freshman," Grant Collins, the Clean Culture Revolution's founder told BYU-Idaho Radio. "I think a lot of us had this experience that happened when we came to BYU-Idaho, we had this vision of, 'hey, this is what we think Rexburg's going to be like,' not only with our education, but kind of the atmosphere, the social atmosphere and when a lot of us came up that are a part of the movement, myself included, as a freshman you think that not only are you going to be able to have fun on campus, but off campus, these parties are going to be great, it's Rexburg, what the worst that can happen."

Collins says he and many others quickly realized the off-campus party scene in Rexburg was not necessarily what they'd expected. 

"What happened at those parties was directly opposite of what we had expected coming to Rexburg," Collins said. "They were kind of raunchy. The standards that we all signed here as students were not being upheld and so, it kind of started stewing back then."

Now, years later, Collins and a group of other like-minded students say they are ready to clean up the party scene and make off-campus events more fun without the lack of standards they observed at their first freshman parties. 

"One thing that's been driving me a lot throughout this whole process is I remember...I was between 14, 16 area and my friend threw a party," Hyrum Dolan, one of the group's organizers told BYU-Idaho Radio. "He invited one of my friends from church and he invited a lot of his friends from school and after the party, he gets a text from like two of them saying, 'hey, like, I really want to thank you, like, that was a fun party and like, I've never gone to a party, had fun and there not be drugs an alcohol and I think the part of thing is people just, there's, people just go extreme left or extreme right on things where it's like you, you feel like you have to do all this raunchy stuff, trashy stuff, whatever you want to call it or you have to be super like Peter Priesthood and Molly Mormon and like not have fun. But, there's definitely an inbetween."

Both Collins and Dolan say they're preparing to host big events that capitalize of the care-free college atmosphere while maintaining high standards. 

You can hear the full interview below.