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I-Talk is one of BYU-Idaho's TED-like events where students have a chance to practice public speaking and sharing their views and thoughts.

Mariah Handy is the manager and speech coach for this semester's I-Talk. She said the event will bring out different views and be very informative. 

"I-Talk is a lot of fun and it's a lot like TED where you have people come up with a lot of different ideas and they usually challenge the norm so you're learning something new you're seeing different perspectives," said Handy. "This year we're focused on mental health because all of our speakers auditioned for mental anxiety, abuse and all sorts of mental issues so we focused our theme around that."

Handy said a lot of work is put in by her, the speakers and the rest of the team to make this a great event. 

"By the end of the semester I'll have met with (the speakers) for 30 hours probably total between sub-weekly meetings," said Handy. "I meet with them one on one, we talk about their idea, we talk about their outline, how they feel about their speech, and what direction they want to go."

I-Talk is part of a communication practicum class on campus where students plan, prepare, and run the event. In past semesters there have been upwards of 200 people in attendance. Handy said they will also use Facebook Live so people who can't attend can watch online. 

The event is on June 29, at 7 pm in the Manwaring Center Ballrooms on campus. More information about I-Talk can be found on their Facebook page

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