If you are a big fan of fantasy books and movies, then you've probably heard of the Hobbit and The Lord of The Ring series. These mythological stories are full of magic, dwarfs, the existing goodness and the possibility of overcoming evil.

BYU-Idaho student Jordan Nuttall was inspired by these stories and a few weeks ago he published his first fantasy book.

In Nuttall's first ever published book titled: Blood, Oath, Trials, a Defra elf has to discover his true identity in what some people consider an enjoyable adventure.

In an interview, Nuttall said his book follows a character called Kelovin who is a Defra elf which is a slightly new race of elves that he created for this book.

"There's Defra Elves in my book and one of the biggest differences is the way they use magic,"  Nuttall said. "They use magic in a different way and they have a very different connection to it."

Nuttall says his book has had a great reception and most of them are very supportive. He started writing this story several years ago when he was serving his LDS mission.

"One day I told one of my companions, One day I am going to write a sweet, epic story," said Nuttall.

Nuttall is already working to publish a second book which will be a continuation of the Defra Saga which should be ready in about two years. 

"For the near future I want to be able to finish out these series which is supposed to be four books long," said Nuttall.  "Then after finishing the Defra elf saga I want to go back to some of the stories that I wrote several years ago."

You can find Jordan Nuttall's book Blood Oath trials on Amazon and contact him at Jordannutall0@gmail.com

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