A BYU-Idaho student is hoping to change how people approach trials and struggle in their lives in her upcoming annual festival, the Fortitude Festival. 

"To fortify something is to kind of prepare it against harm or danger or evil," Tessa Wade, founder of the organization Family Fortitude, told BYU-Idaho Radio. "But, I love fortitude because the idea of fortitude to me is you're already in it like you're already surrounded by danger or evil or harm or whatever trial, challenge it is. It's already there, it's already around you and you're already in these hard circumstances, but you have the strength and courage in yourself to overcome and learn from it and keep pushing forward."

Wade started her organization after facing her own trial as a teenager, watching her parents get divorced. Now 10 years later to the day, she's invited all to come to the Rexburg  Tabernacle to learn about fortitude and courage and to celebrate the trials people have already overcome. 

"The whole festival is all centered on strengthening individuals and families that come and helping them feel gratitude for the things that they have already overcome, but then also feel strength and empowered to keep on going and keep on strengthening themselves and their lives," Wade said. 

And since struggle is no respecter of age or gender, Wade says the festival is intentionally geared to reach people of all ages. Some people may identify more with one song or speaker than another, but Wade says there will be something for everyone.

"We're really trying to have an event where everyone will come and feel welcome," Wade said. "It's really for everyone, everyone will have a place there."

The event is Saturday, November 11 at the Rexburg Tabernacle. Full details are available here.

You can listen to the full interview below.