The phrase BYU I do is pretty common on the campus of BYU-Idaho. So common that Cole Ratcliffe, a professor in the Marriage and Family Department, decided to create a website called just that, BYUIDo.org.

"The purpose of it is to provide principled insights and guidance on what you do in the dating faze," Ratcliffe said. "Also, in the near future we will be adding information on there about successful marriages so we'll talk about the common colds of marriage and what they are, how to address them and things like that."

BYUIDo.org has been in the works for about a year with students helping build the website from the ground up and it has been officially online and functioning for a few months.

The website content is currently focused on single people who are dating but more aspects focused on marriages and married couples will be coming soon.

"Really it's for healthy, romantic relationships, dating or married," Ratcliffe said.

Ratcliffe described the dating culture in Rexburg as "complicated."

"When we date, we disengage the mind and we make purely emotional decisions," Ratcliffe said, "which often times leads us rush through the getting to know process and we are not as thoughtful or thorough in the dating process as we ought to be."

A big reason Ratcliffe called the dating culture "complicated" is because many single people are "hanging out" rather than going on a "date."

"I've found that it's helpful when men ask a girl on a date, they call it a date," Ratcliffe said.

Another aspect of the struggling culture of dating is a fear of asking someone on a date. BYUIDo.org started a campaign and hashtag called #justadate.

"We want to spread the message that to go on a date means that, it's just going on a date," Ratcliffe said. "We think that if we can make it normal to just want to date, then more people will go on just dates and we believe that it will help move the dating culture forward in a positive way."

BYUIDo.org is not affiliated with BYU-Idaho or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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