Crowds are nothing new to Brigham Young University-Idaho since over 18,000 students call the university home every year, but the upcoming solar eclipse in Rexburg is presenting some new challenges.

"It's kind of like a planned emergency is the sense of we have to beef up security and make sure we have enough people to manage traffic," Brett Crandall, Media Relations Director for Brigham Young University-Idaho told BYU-Idaho Radio. "Normally, we have 18,000 students on campus, but this time everybody's going to be outside and the vast majority of visitors have never been to campus before."

So far, 6,000 people have reserved spots for viewing the solar event on the campus. That 6,000 is comprised of about 500 different groups from around the world.

"We have people coming from Denmark, Japan, England, Austrailia, Belgium, Columbia, France, the country of Georgia...Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Taiwan," Crandall said. 

Additionally universities from across the nation, including MIT, Utah State University, Brigham Young University-Provo, Utah Valley University, UCLA and others have also made arrangements to travel to BYU-Idaho's campus. 

"The world will be our campus. It's like Salt Lake City during the Olympics, the world is coming to Rexburg," Crandall said.

BYU-Idaho will be providing meals for those who wish to purchase and are encouraging people check out the free educational events across campus. 

A full list of available resources, events and information for the university can be found at www.byui.edu/eclipse-2017.