Brigham Young University-Idaho's student population is on a "steady, upward course."

That's what the latest numbers from the university are saying after officials released a report showing student enrollment for the Fall 2017 semester is up almost eight percent from last year. Current enrollment for on-campus is at 17, 980 students, while online student enrollment is up by almost 13 percent at 11,850. 

"Continued growth in enrollment can be attributed, in large part, to BYU-Idaho's unique educational emphasis," according to a BYU-Idaho press release. "This includes: the teaching focus of its faculty, the opportunity to gather with other students who share common values, the university's focus on real-world preparation, and the high-value educational experience offered. BYU-Idaho is student focused by design.

The report also revealed there are more female than male students with a student population comprised of 48 percent male students and 52 percent female students.