${Value}David and Sharilyn Hackett

Buying a house for the first time can be a roller coaster of emotions. David and Sharilyn Hackett can now relive their home buying experience again and again after being on HGTV's House Hunters. 

"We always knew we wanted to stay in Idaho for forever, but did we know we would buy our first house in Idaho Falls, not exactly," said Sharilyn about their experience as first-time home buyers. 

The Hackett's met while attending BYU-Idaho and had a "once in a lifetime" experience becoming homeowners. Sharilyn said she applied to be on House Hunters out of the blue one day and never expected they would even be contacted.

"I never thought that we or I or anything would ever be on television," said Sharilyn. "I filled out this application and didn't hear anything for months and months... about two months had passed and I got an email from some producer with the subject of House Hunters and I jumped out of my seat."

The Hackett's then sent in an audition tape. However, this wasn't their first time in front of a camera. David and Sharilyn have had a YouTube channel called Sharvids, where they film themselves doing different challenges and talking about well, anything really.

Ultimately, HGTV chose the Hackett's to be on the show.

"Apparently his jokes were funny enough to get us on the show," Sharilyn said about her husband.

Within the next few months, the rest of the process was in progress. Film crews arrived, hair and makeup were done, microphones were set and cameras were in their face. 

"We were just there for the ride and before you know it you've got sound guys sticking mics places you didn't know they stuck mics and you just kind of went along with it," said Sharilyn.

One of their biggest surprises was how much went into making a 25-minute episode of House Hunters.

"You don't realize all of the work that goes into filming," said David. "We filmed for almost a week straight. I had to take a week off work just to film and it's a lot more than you think."

In the end, the Hackett's were glad they had the experience and were able to be themselves.

"I think my favorite part of the whole process of getting on the show looking back is knowing that we were nothing but ourselves and us being our complete selves was what they liked and what they wanted for the show," said Sharilyn.

You can watch their episode on HGTV's website and hear the full interview below.