Brother Rich Llewellyn, the Academic Support Math Faculty Member and Math Study Center Director, discussed topics like self-discovery and making important life decisions during college years during his devotional talk Tuesday. He told the students he recalls, as he said, "being in your seats" some 25 years ago as a college student attending Brigham Young University, "I remember wanting to know 'What is my place in the world? What am I going to do with my life? What should I major in? What should be my profession?' You're at the cusp of making all of these big decisions that determine the rest of your life. What an awesome time, what an awesome journey."

Brother Llewellyn began his address by inviting students and attendees to get "un-plugged" from their technology, as he does in his classes on campus.

"I truly love the technology we have at our fingertips," he said, "but, I equally think we have to unplug from it at times and totally plug into the moment."

Brother Llewellyn went on to explain that having questions about what to do with your life and all of the associated stress that goes with it is normal, and emphasized this journey of self-discovery is one of the most incredible opportunities.

"If you do this right, you'll learn what you are capable of and what He is capable of and how together you can achieve great things," he said. "In other words, in this journey He will reveal Himself to you and He will reveal you to you."

He explained how faith is the most important part of successfully navigating this journey, and identified four key aspects to exercising our faith: having faith in God, understanding that faith is a principle of action, understanding the importance of attitude and faith, and having faith in yourself. Concerning faith in God, brother Llewelyn explained how God is the Guide:

"Our Loving Heavenly Father is Guiding us on this journey. He lives. He loves you. He is your Father. He knows you better than anyone on this earth, including your earthly parents, spouse, siblings, best friends, and even/especially mor than you know yourself."

As the Math Study Center Director at BYU-Idaho, Brother Llewelyn has had the opportunity to work one-on-one with many students to help inspire faith in their ability to succeed. In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, he explained what it has been like to hold this position for the past 20 years and shared his appreciation and gratitude.

"Helping students, especially students who struggle with something, turn the corner and gain that confidence that now they can do something that before they thought they had no ability to do is really an awesome opportunity. I feel very fortunate on campus because I've seen so many students use that as a spring-board to build their confidence to do things in their lives that they didn't think they could do."

To close his devotional, he reiterated the importance of having faith in yourself. "When this life is over," he said, "if you have put your faith in Him, you will look back with utter amazement and joy at what he has guided you to become. In that moment, you will simultaneously feel a personal sense of accomplishment as you realize what you have vecome through your own work and choices."

To hear the entire devotional talk, follow the link below.