During the BYU-Idaho Devotional on June 6, 2017, Jeff Morrin, the Vice President of University Resources, spoke with students about enduring to the end.

"Today I would like to talk with each of you about the importance of being a finisher," said Morrin. "I suspect that even at this very moment, there are some of you who are contemplating whether or not you are going to be a finisher."

Morrin spoke about life having many obstacles and how, at times, it feels easier to quit. In an interview, he mentioned a few things that can hold people back from finishing.

"Distraction is one of them. We live in a world where there are so many things that can distract us and just take us off of what we really need to be focusing on," said Morrin. "It may be that we're afraid of failing. Sometimes people might discount what it is and think that it's too easy. There are many people that just procrastinate and it you procrastinate too long on something, you probably won't finish it."

Other reasons included a lack of interest or organization, being discouraged or thinking it's too hard. The two reasons Morrin focused on in his talk were discouragement and distraction.

Morrin invited a few students to share their experience with being a finisher and the students spoke briefly with one another what they have learned from experiences where they have been finishers. 

He then shared a story of a forgetful student he once had as he was teaching Business Finance at BYU-Idaho. The student forgot to do a few assignments, which brought her grade down significantly. She wasn't sure whether to continue trying to bring the grade up or to drop the course altogether.

"No matter what happens, you are better off if you apply yourself and trust in the Lord and do the best you can," said Morrin. 

Toward's the end of Morrin's address he spoke about the ultimate finisher, Jesus Christ.

"Knowing what he did for me and for each of us, helps me to better understand the love that he truly has for us," said Morrin. "Even though I am not even close to Jesus Christ, it helps me to know that I can do hard things just like He did and that I can be a finisher." 

Morrin finished his talk with his testimony that God love's all of his children and that as we strive to be finishers and endure to the end we will be blessed.

"I hope you have felt the love that our Savior has for you in giving His life as He became the author and finisher of our salvation. Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ love each of you and want you to be finishers and become the people they know you can become. I invite each of you to become the finishers that God wants you to become and thus, through Christ, obtain eternal life."

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