During the BYU-Idaho Devotional on June 27, 2017, Brother Greg Hazard spoke with students about the importance of remembering. Brother Hazard is the Chair of the Academic Support Department at BYU-Idaho. His talk was titled, "Look up and Remember."

Brother Hazard began his address by telling a story of when he was a young boy growing up in California. His family went to the beach where he loved playing a game of "don't get caught by the wave." He would run back and forth again and again and soon he realized he was lost. When he and his family were finally reunited, his father taught him a very important lesson. 

"My dad taught me, however, that it was my responsibility to look up often to make sure I knew where our towels and family were," said Brother Hazard. "He promised that if I did that, I would not get lost again."

In his address, Brother Hazard used words from modern prophets to enhance his message. 

"President Spencer W. Kimball said that perhaps the most important work in the dictionary is remember and that our greatest need is to remember," said Brother Hazard.

In an interview, Brother Hazard talked about the importance of the word remember. 

"I love the Book of Mormon, and in the Book of Mormon the word remember or its cognates are mentioned I believe over 50 times. Anything that's mentioned that many times I think is worth looking at and considering," said Brother Hazard. "Even every Sunday when we take the sacrament it's all about remembering so to me it just has an important meaning that we do remember that we don't why we're here and what we're doing."

Brother Hazard focused on six basic doctrines that everyone should remember. 

1.       Remember God lives, loves us and answers our prayers.

2.       Remember that the Holy Ghost can teach us the truth of all things.

3.       Remember we are here to learn and develop faith.

4.       Remember that Jesus Christ is our Savior.

5.        Remember that charity never faileth.

6.       Remember Heavenly Father's authority matters. 

With each doctrine mentioned, Brother Hazard gave a way we can remember such as daily prayer, reflecting on our spiritual experiences, attending Church each week, reading the Book of Mormon and other scriptures daily, say hello to others, and attending the temple regularly.

Brother Hazard finished with his testimony, promising that if we look up and remember we will be blessed. 

"We need to enjoy the journey and have fun, but while we are enjoying the journey, I hope we always remember to look up and remember who we are and find ourselves in the right place," said Brother Hazard. "If we ever find that we have drifted, I hope we will not kick the prophet away, but that we will allow him to help us return to our Heavenly Home." 

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