Brother Gary Larsen invited people to gain an eternal perspective in his devotional on Tuesday, December 5.

"Take some time to ponder on and ask yourself the following question: Who are you? - That might just be the most powerful question ever asked," Brother Gary Larsen, Chair of the Theater and Dance Department at BYU-Idaho said in his devotional. "And the answer to that question might just be the most powerful bit of knowledge you can gain. It is the bedrock of an eternal perspective."

Beginning to develop that eternal perspective and answer those questions, Larsen says, comes by refusing to separate the temporal and the spiritual elements in life. 

"Think about your life as an integrated whole," Larsen told BYU-Idaho Radio. "Understand who you are, where you've come from and where you're going."

In obtaining that spiritual perspective, people grasp a power to not only tackle life's toughest challenges better, but also more fully act as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

You can listen to the full interview below.