The Jacob Spori Art Gallery has featured many artists in past years and is preparing for a new exhibit called Beyond Structure: Representation of American Barns.

Jason Lanegan is the curator of this exhibit. He attended Ricks College and received his Masters of Fine Arts degree in studio art from BYU. He is currently the gallery director at the Harris Fine Arts Center on the BYU Campus. 

The exhibit features art pieces from more than 10 artists. Each piece, in some way, shape or form, represents a barn or aspects of American barns.

Lanegan said the idea came after he and some other artists were contemplating the differences between former lifestyles in the United States and countries in Europe. 

"I had been visiting with artists recently and been interested in the rural landscape, and things that are disappearing," said Lanegan. "As you travel to Europe you go to cathedrals, you go to ruins... you see these things in ruin, but they're markers of a former lifestyle that's disappeared. Here in the United States, we don't have those massive cathedrals or those abbeys and those things. We have barns and our barns are basically the cathedrals of a way of life that's disappearing."

Lanegan then began gathering different artists who use barns in their art. 

"I started looking at artists that were utilizing the barn," said Lanegan. "Not just as a nostalgic image or just a pretty picture, but the barn actually as a symbol of the way of life that's disappearing. I was a farm hand when I was a young boy and my connection to a barn or haying and things like that, my kids will never have that experience. It's gone."

Lanegan said he hopes people look deeper than just seeing a nostalgic picture of a barn. 

"I hope that people come with an open mind," said Lanegan. "I hope they look a little bit deeper. If looking at this show brings up memories, find a way of sharing those."

The exhibit is open from June 2 through June 17 with an artist reception June 1 from 7:30-9 pm. More information can be found on the BYU-Idaho Jacob Spori Art Gallery's website.  

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