A new exhibit is on display at the Spori Art Gallery, this time featuring the works of Wayne Kimball with his collection entitled, "Things Made by Hand, in a Basement, without Instruction: Lithographs and Collages."

"It's a statement describing where I work and that I don't have to follow the instructions anymore because I've been doing it long enough that I can do it just by thinking about it," Wayne Kimball, a southeast Idaho artist told BYU-Idaho Radio.

The exhibit features two mediums of art: lithographs and collages. Both forms, Kimball says, can build off each other sometimes as he will occasionally take apart one piece of art to create another, adding that the creative outlet has not only become a passion but a source of comfort.

"My wife died a couple of years ago from cancer and this has been a really remarkable therapy as well," Kimball said. "I'm still working hard, enjoying life."

You can see Kimball's work at the Jacob Spori Art Gallery on BYU-Idaho's campus starting October 27 until December 14th.

The full interview with Wayne Kimball is available below.