${Value}Art Grows Rexburg Art Exhibit and Competition Presentation

Art Grows Rexburg has crowned the winners of its latest art competition.

Many art lovers and artists gathered for the Art Grows Rexburg Art Competition and Exhibit Awards on Wednesday, July 5, 2017. This is the art competitions 5th year and over 100 pieces were entered. The entire event started from one family's dream to bring artists together to share their work.

"We had a dream that we came up with perhaps 6 or 7 years ago hoping to stimulate the interest in graphic arts in Idaho in Rexburg," said Val Hemming, whose family has been responsible for much of the growth in Rexburg. "We feel wonderful that the community has been so accepting and that the people who do art in town have been willing to be brave enough to show their art and have it judged and have people come in and look at what they've poured their heart into."

The competition was split into three categories, student, amateur and professional.

Benjamin Scroggs, a BYU-Idaho student from Portland, Oregon studying pre-dental won first place in the student category. Scroggs said this was his first art competition and that Kyoung DaBell, the Director of Art Grows Rexburg and Curator of the Spori Art Gallery, convinced him to enter the competition.  

"She told me about this and suggested that I try and put some work in and I was a little hesitant but I was like 'Okay why not,' and I did and I'm glad I did it," said Scroggs.

Shushana Rucker has been in the Rexburg area for a little over two years and has participated in the previous few competitions. This year she won first place in the professional category. Rucker said her work is focused on our interactions with the world around us.

"My work is primarily about human interaction with nature and the negatives and positives with that and the connections we have with each other through our man-made objects," said Rucker. "The whole idea is to kind of make you think more about our interaction with nature."

The art is on display through July 18th at Hemming Village. More information about the event and other events can be found on Art Grows Rexburg's website. 

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