Businesses are booming as local and national companies alike are cashing in on the Great American Eclipse and short-term rental company Airbnb says their presence in Idaho has increased 450 percent.

"Hosts on our Airbnb platform get to kee 97 percent of their earnings and those in the path of the eclipse are estimated to earn one million that night," Mora said. 

Mora said that Airbnb's largest areas of reservations typically stay in the western part of the state, in areas like Boise and Meridian, but southeast Idaho's reservations have far surpassed the current reservations and activity in the southwestern Idaho, most of which are first-time users. 

"Sixty-eight percent of hosts that are booked for the eclipse are hosting for the first time in Idaho," Mora said. "In Rexburg, for example, we are seeing over 800 percent increase from the previous week. So we are definitely seeing some of those trends."

Airbnb officials also maintain a tax agreement with the state, allowing them to collect taxes on behalf of the state and channel that revenue to the right departments in state government. 

Mora says there are no specific plans to retain the new hosts and guests in the area, but added Airbnb serves many purposes beyond a place to stay during the solar eclipse. 

"There's lots of reasons why people use our platform and we certainly hope these hosts continue to stay engaged," Mora said.