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When Jessie Gleason made a burger for his wife Lerin, she told him it was so good he should sell them. Fast forward a few years and you'll find the Gleason's selling a variety of burgers out of their very own food truck called T-Rex Burgers.

"The first time he made a burger for me when we got married I really, really liked it," said Lerin. "So I told me that we should experiment with burgers."

"We mulled over the idea for a few years and started working on it," said Jessie.

Although the idea of T-Rex Burgers was a while ago, the food truck is practically brand new in the area.

"We've had great reviews and it's been pretty busy," said Lerin. "So far we're doing pretty good for just having opened."

With Rexburg being a smaller, college town, the Gleason's felt there was a niche for a delicious, gourmet burger.

"There's a lot of burger places here already, and we recognized that," said Jessie. "We felt like we could offer something different and new and all of our burgers are completely customized."

T-Rex Burger offers many types of burgers with mixed in flavors. There is the original burger, a bacon burger, a spicy burger, and even a taco burger. Also, you can customize them however you'd like. 

T-Rex Burgers is located on 565 N 2nd East between Wendys and the Teton Lanes bowling alley. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

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