Express Print & Copy offers a variety of services. The color-coded flow chart on this page provides a visual diagram of our store showing where each service is located. When you come to our store, simply go to the area where the service is located that you are needing.

Find Your Color

Print Ready Files (Green)

This area is used for printing print ready files. Files should be setup at the correct size & resolution and available on either a flash drive or email, so they are able to be quickly downloaded.

Not Print Ready Files (Red)

Similar to traffic lights, red means "stop". If your files are not print ready, we ask that you please go visit the Library Mac Lab for help. They are a great resource for getting help setting up your files.

Pay for your Prints (Purple)

After your prints or other services are complete, please go to the pay area where a cashier can assist you in paying for your prints or other services.

Shipping (Orange)

In our shipping area, we offer FedEx shipping (Domestic shipping only) as well as a mail drop-off. For International shipping, please see the local Post Office.

Laminating (Blue)

We offer laminating as individual pouches for a single sheet of paper, as well as laminating on a roll for larger jobs. 

Laminate Pouches are available as:

8.5x11 or 11x17 inches, in both 3mil and 7mil thicknesses

Roll Laminate is available as:

24 inches wide, in 1.5mil thickness

Large Format (Teal)

Our large format printer uses a 24 inch wide roll of matte paper. 

Work Stations (Yellow)

There are two work stations in our store that provide project tables for trimming or assembling your projects.

Thank you for supporting our business.