Student Life Vice President Amy LaBaugh explains to students how to stay safe on campus.

We’re in this together. Wash your hands frequently. Stay six feet apart. As BYU-Idaho headed into a new, unique semester, instructive messaging campaigns were designed. The campaigns explain to students and employees what to expect and how to follow health guidelines to stay safe and enjoy the semester.

One of the campaigns launched this fall is called the Fight the Virus campaign. Designed to help those on campus follow safety practices such as regualr hand washing, physical distancing, and wearing a mask, campaign signage is prominently displayed across the BYU-Idaho community.

Signage is placed around campus and online messaging has been designed for the Employee and Student Advisory emails as well as the BYU-Idaho website to encourage health practices on and off campus. Strategic Communication Manager Vance King stated that some signage from this campaign is tailored specifically for the needs of certain areas and departments on campus.

“This campaign provides various guidelines for students and employees on how to combat COVID-19. All of the signage has the same look but addresses different COVID-19 safety measures to meet various department needs,” King remarked.

Some of the guidelines that are currently being promoted include how to improve sanitation around campus, organize traffic flow and small gatherings, classroom adjustments, safety in apartments off campus, physical distancing, and the importance of answering phone calls from Eastern Idaho Public Health contact tracers.

Another campaign running during fall semester is the We’re in This Together campaign. This campaign includes more guidelines for students on how to stay healthy and provides encouragement that there is strength in numbers. Members of the President’s Executive Group (PEG) were featured in videos for the campaign to share a variety of topics including classroom structures and campus sanitation. Each video ends with the same campaign slogan with the PEG member saying, “We’re in this together.”

The video production team was able to film these videos while few students were on campus during summer session. Although the production team was limited, they were able to create quality content distributed for the campus community.

“We strive to make everything look excellent and represent the university the best we can with the time and resources we’re allotted for production,” said Video Production Coordinator Michael Ballard. 

These videos have been shared on the BYU-Idaho website, in official notice university emails, and across the university’s official social media platforms.

“We are trying to do our part to promote best practices, and I think that students and employees are seeing them. It is up to us to follow the advice that is being given to keep campus open,” Vance King stated.

Both campaigns are anticipated to run throughout the rest of the semester as both print and digital ads to serve as a frequent reminder of what students, employees, faculty, and visitors should know when they are on campus.

“At this point, everybody knows what they should be doing to stay safe. These campaigns now are strictly reminders to encourage us to do our part,” King stated.