Statistics released this week show enrollment at Brigham Young University-Idaho is comparable to last fall.

According to figures from the BYU-Idaho Student Records and Registration Office, total enrollment increased by 1.3 percent when compared to last Fall Semester, and the full-time equivalent (FTE) increased by 1.8 percent. FTE is calculated by dividing the total number of credits being taken by 15, a full credit load.

The head count stands at 13,379 students compared to 13,209 for the 2008 Fall Semester. FTE rose to 12,099 compared to last year's 11,888.

University Registrar Kyle Martin said consistently meeting enrollment goals allows BYU-Idaho to serve as many students as possible while still providing a high quality education.

"Consistency in enrollment now allows the university to adequately prepare for our enhanced enrollment goals in years to come," Martin said.

The student body consists of 4,298 freshmen, 2,982 sophomores, 2,660 juniors and 3,439 seniors. There are 3,505 married students, comprising 26 percent of the student body. About 36 percent of BYU-Idaho students have served full-time missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

There are 7,693 female students (57 percent) and 5,686 male students (43 percent). The university has 337 international students, representing 57 countries.