Principle two

Learners and teachers at BYU-Idaho understand that true teaching is done by and with the Holy Ghost.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have been commanded to receive the Holy Ghost. No matter what subject we study, whether spiritual or temporal, the Holy Ghost may instruct us as to the truths contained therein. Through instruction by the Spirit, our learning can be tailor-made for our personal development. We recognize that as we keep the commandments of God we will receive the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Ghost in all our learning and teaching.

The Spirit Will Guide

Even in a school classroom, the Spirit will testify of truth and guide you.

The Spirit is the True Teacher

With the guidance of the Holy Ghost, you will have the knowledge of the truth.

Preparation with the Spirit

With prayerful preparation, the Spirit will become a speaker through you.