Learners and teachers at BYU-Idaho lay hold on the word of God.

Laying hold upon the word of God in the scriptures and in the words of the prophets signifies our faith in, the priority of, and the importance of the word of God at BYU-Idaho. The word of God is the anchor. It is the standard against, and the lens through which, all things in every discipline are measured and evaluated. We seek excellence in our academic disciplines as we strive to understand them in the light of the restored gospel. Learners and teachers at BYU-Idaho seek to master the learning and knowledge of their respective disciplines, but they do not "lay hold" on that knowledge if it conflicts with the word of God. When learners and teachers at BYU-Idaho use the word of God in this way, they are able to "lay hold upon every good thing" (Moroni 7:25).

Committed Scripture Study

Consistent scripture study will help you become a better student.

Reading the word of God brings peace

Reading the scriptures brings the spirit of peace and clarity.

The blessing of Devotional

Devotional and the words of God bring help in classes and studies.