Academic Preparation

Identify your level of preparation for university-level courses. Review and prepare for those courses with an emphasis in math, reading, writing, and study skills. Specifically designed for high school students transitioning to college, new college students, and return missionaries.


Educational Strategy

Identify a major that will lead you to the career of your choice. Filter careers based on your interests and save time as you identify your personal path to success.

Compare careers according to career name, description and annual wages. View career details and modify the information displayed based on your preferred geographic location.

Graduation Planner

View a “smart” recommended plan that adjusts for transfer credits and earned courses and allows you to change the range of credits you would like to take or plan for an off-track semester.

The Grad Planner provides a department-recommended Grad Plan for the degree you’ve chosen. You can also explore alternate majors and compare these to your declared major.

Approve your Grad Plan without going to an advising center. Once your planning is complete, pushing the “Validate” button either approves the plan or identifies what still needs to be done.


Professional Development

Review goals and activities tailored to your specific major. Explore other professional options, find links to valuable resources, and track your individual progress. Completing recommended goals and activities helps you become better prepared to compete in the job market, enter graduate school, and succeed in your future career.

RequiredGoalRecommendedGoalAssignedTimeframeCustomGoalTied to CourseCurriculum

Careers and Internships

Search for available internship and job opportunities. Access mentors who have volunteered to provide advice and direction to BYU-Idaho students looking for networking opportunities or answers to questions about how to transition from college to post-graduate employment.


Access a variety of supplemental classroom materials that help students who are struggling in a course. Schedule a BYU-Idaho tutor (available for online and on-campus students at no charge) view content-specific video tutorials for the most commonly tutored courses on campus, and access a large collection of practice quizzes.


The advising module allows you to schedule one-on-one meetings with academic advisors throughout your BYU-Idaho experience.