Student Life

Student life is a wholesome living and learning experience with activities and services designed to help students succeed.


Academic societies and support centers are created to enhance learning and understanding beyond the classroom.

Academic Societies      Academic Support Centers      Academic Catalog


Talent workshops and performances, give students the chance to improve and showcase talents in different fields such as comedy, dance and music.

Music    Student Talent Performances    Student Talent Workshops    Center Stage    Art Galleries

Career Support

Career centers help students find internships, network, and prepare for their future jobs in their chosen field.

Internship and Career Services Office    Alumni Office

Disciple Leadership

These activities are designed to help students gain the spiritual strength needed to become great leaders in the home, church and society.

Devotional   Personal Honor    Temple Worship


There is a variety of affordable meals in different styles of cuisine that students can choose from.

Food Venues

Health & Wellness

Student health and wellness centers are made to meet the physical and emotional needs of students.

Fitness Events   Wellness Events   Counseling Services


Students have plenty of housing options to suit their needs. With varying prices and amenities, students can find housing that fits their budget and interests.


Outdoor & Recreation

Students can participate in recreational activities outside campus, providing them the opportunity to explore local attractions and sites.

Outdoor Events


Service activities provide students the opportunity to serve in their capacity and give back to the community and church.

Service Events    ROTC    Student Representative Council


Besides sports activities and talent performances, the school holds various social events where students enjoy other activities such as country swing dance and more.

Social Events


Sports activities allow students to enjoy a balanced life and improve their physical well-being with various sports activities available on-campus.

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