Personal HonorStudents develop integrity and character by committing to principles of Personal Honor.

 A complete education should involve more than simply developing the intellect. It should also include a refinement of character and a devotion to integrity. At BYU-Idaho, that means setting high standards for our personal conduct and then keeping our promise to uphold those standards. Taken together, the standards and our commitment to live them encompass what we call Personal Honor.

All BYU-Idaho students agree to live by an honor code that reflects the teachings and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This honor code emphasizes being honest, living a chaste life, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, using clean language, and embracing other values espoused by the Church. The code includes additional guidelines on dress and grooming.

Maintaining their commitment to Personal Honor gives students the spiritual strength and peace of mind that are vital to a successful college experience. It also sets a pattern for a life of integrity.