students meeting together to learnStudents take charge of their education by applying the Learning Model.

It's one of the classic images of higher education: a lecture hall full of students listening passively while a professor discourses on the subject at hand. This kind of disconnected, one-way interaction is not what you'll find in a BYU-Idaho classroom. At this university, learning is defined by active engagement. Students are urged to take charge of their education and be fully involved in their own learning.

This approach, called the Learning Model, is based on three key steps: Prepare, Teach One Another, and Ponder and Prove. Students come to each class prepared to learn by studying assigned readings, completing required homework, and participating in online discussions and pre-class study groups. Through instructor-led discussions in class, students teach each other what they've learned--honing and refining their own understanding in the process. Later, students internalize their learning through review, reflection, and application.

The Learning Model's proactive, engaged approach to education is a defining aspect of the BYU-Idaho experience that provides a pattern for continual learning and personal development long after graduation.