image of students meeting together to learnGeneral education courses have been redefined by the Foundations program.

For most college students, general education courses are considered a chore--something to soldier through and check off their list before they can move on to the more interesting classes associated with their majors. This is not the case at BYU-Idaho, where general education courses have been completely redesigned. Known as Foundations, these innovative classes raise the quality of every student's experience by providing a stronger basis for learning to build upon.

Foundations courses are divided into five areas: Eternal Truths, Academic Fundamentals, Science, Cultural Awareness, and Connections. These interdisciplinary courses work hand-in-hand with the Learning Model and together provide a more focused education.

Through Foundations, students are more thoroughly immersed in specific aspects of the subject matter, rather than just getting a wide range of information on many topics. Less breadth and more depth allow students to cover more advanced topics not typically included in introductory courses.